Santuario Madonna della Corona

The Santuario is situated mid-rock face, at 700 metres, completely excavated in the living rock that falls perpendicular for 400 metres. The walls on the left and the apse are made of the rock itself. The Sanctuary is devoted to "Our Lady of Sorrows", but it is familiarly called "Of the Crown" because of the characteristic rock shape that surround it.

The first core dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century. It was built to house the stone statue that represents the "Pietà" and which is still venerated in the Sanctuary. In 1625 the Church was extended and it became the central nave of a bigger building.

Furthermore some paths and stairs were built that lead to the Sanctuary. In 1899 and in 1975-78 other extension works were made when the facade and the church tower were restored. According to the legend, a statue of stone representing the "Pietà" disappeared from Rodi when the Turks arrived in 1522 and it miraculously reappeared one night in Spiazzi. The bright light and a chorus of music that accompanied the appearance struck the mountain population.

They went to the place and using ropes pulled the statue up to the top of the rock and placed it into a wooden Chapel. The following night the statue miraculously returned to the place of its first appearance. The mountain people, respecting our Lady's will, began the building of the Chapel on the rock face.

However, an inscription on the pedestal states that the statue was made by Ludovico Castelbarco, the feudatory of the place, to give it to a group of hermits who lived near the place where the Sanctuary now stands.

Opening times

November until March: 8 am - 6 pm.
April until October: 7 am - 7.30 pm.